Do you know what advertising is, what it is for and how it works?

In this article, you will be able to check all this information, in addition to remembering classic and remarkable ads in the history of advertising, you will also know how an advertising agency works and much more.

So, if this topic interests you, keep reading until the end of this article to become an expert on the subject and be able to apply the techniques in your own business.

What is Advertising

Advertising is an outreach strategy to promote a product, service or even a brand.

Advertising is used in various types of communication channels, as you will see later.

Many people believe that marketing is an instrument used by advertising, but the opposite is true. Marketing uses advertising techniques.

The main objective of advertising is to reach the target audience of a company, through the dissemination of messages with objectives that serve this audience, aiming at boosting sales.

In other words, advertising will communicate a message so that it reaches the recipient correctly.

That’s why, for a company, it’s so important to create impactful campaigns and invest in paid media (where the target audience is present) using advertising to generate results.

With an assertive strategy, your business can generate more sales of the product or service you offer, greater visibility of your brand, in addition to gaining more space in the market.

But, the results that advertising will generate will depend on the company’s goals and the type of advertising.

That’s right, you’ll see that there are some types of advertising and you’ll know what they are even here, in this article.

You will also see how advertising is a tool capable of driving the target audience towards the company’s goals.

The difference between advertising and publicity

Explaining the difference between advertising and advertising is not a simple task, but I will try to be as clear as possible.

Advertising is used for an ideological purpose, that is, it is used to promote an idea, a model of behavior and even a political position.

The advertising objective is more commercial.

That is, advertising is a type of commercial advertisement. Can you understand the difference?

Advertising is inserted in the market and in the media, in order to promote brands and solutions

Advertising is widely used by politicians and social movements, for example, to influence and convince people, because, as I said before, advertising is related to ideologies.

Advertising, on the other hand, even using the same techniques, aims to promote brands, products, services and, above all, to sell.

And, as the difference between the two terms is very subtle, the market started to use advertising techniques and strategies in advertising to influence the public through ideologies.

That’s because selling an idea is much more efficient than just selling a product.

Brands started to sell values ​​through their products and services, so that, in this way, they can build a successful brand in the market.

In short, advertising does not involve sales, advertising does.

advertising history

When there was no internet and all these technologies today, making it easier to reach and convince people, brands only had the seller’s convincing power as a tool to sell.

Emerging in the fifteenth century, the printed newspaper was the most revolutionary technology that advertising had used until then, because, before printed texts, manuscripts were used to disseminate any text.

However, here in Brazil, the first advertisements published in newspapers took place only at the end of the 19th century, through texts written by poets such as Olavo Bilac.

However, unlike how it is today, advertising only presented a product or service, without any type of persuasion.

Advertising was recognized as a profession from the industrial era, when it started to encourage the consumption of products manufactured in large urban centers.

In 1841, the first advertising agency was created in the United States, a link between companies and newspapers at the time.

In Brazil, the first advertising agency (A Eclética) was created in 1914.

From the creation of advertising agencies, more precisely in the early years of the 20th century, the automobile industries were the ones that invested the most in advertising.

Henry Ford was a great booster of automobile advertising at the time.

A few decades later, advertising started to use TV as a vehicle for advertisements, which caused a real revolution in the market.

The first TV ad was created in 1941 for the watch brand Bulova.

With the arrival of audiovisual resources, advertisements became more persuasive and interesting.


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