If you want to organize your studies to be able to continue a course you are taking or if you need to learn a new skill or a new market, but you can’t organize yourself, you certainly need a good study plan.

Not sure what a syllabus is? Don’t worry, here you’ll find everything you need to know about this topic.

In this article, you will know what a study plan is, how to create a study plan through a simple step by step and you will also know some tools to create a study plan and achieve your goals.

What is a Study Plan?

A study plan is a strategy to organize and optimize your time in the best way possible for you to learn something new, prepare for a test, take a course, etc.

With a study plan prepared exclusively for your reality and objective, you will be able to organize yourself, have more discipline and achieve your goals.

A study plan is much more than creating a schedule with the days of the week and creating study blocks with some subjects or course module.

An efficient study plan needs to be thought of your personal needs, the objective you intend to achieve, and what are your greatest difficulties and abilities, for example.

That way, you can make better use of your time and learn a lot more, in less time.

Why Do You Need a Study Plan?

As you can see so far, having a study plan is an excellent way to organize studies for both a course you are taking and are struggling to continue, as well as an exam you need to prepare to take.

Definitely the study plan will be one of those responsible for eliminating procrastination from your life.

A study plan will also help you if you are looking to study a new market or create an internet business, for example.

In fact, if you dream of leaving a job where you are earning little, you don’t feel valued, in which you can’t spend quality time with your family, spend many hours in traffic going to and from the company, and want to set up an online business , but you can’t get out of place, starting by creating a study plan will put you on the right path.

My Formula Business Online training students are creating their own internet business, following a simple and practical step by step, where I teach every click, from scratch.

By creating a study plan, you can follow the sequence of modules (which was strategically created for you to start from scratch and finish the training with your online business “running”) and apply it in an organized way, making good use of your time.

Now that you know what a syllabus is and why you need one, learn how to create yours.

How to Create a Study Plan?

See now a step by step how to create a study plan to help you get organized and continue with your studies to achieve your goals and objectives.

1. Define a routine

The first step you need to take in creating a study plan is to define a routine.

For this, you need to write down on a paper or application what times you are free, so that you can organize your routine without interfering with your obligations and commitments.

Your study routine can be, for example, after 6 pm or from 8 am, if applicable.

Your study routine will depend on your daily schedule, which is why it is important to note the free time.

2. Determine a goal

After defining a study routine, the second step is to determine a goal.

As I’ve already mentioned a few times in this article, your objective may be to start a business, pass a competition exam, pass the Enem, the OAB, take a course that you bought and even started, but that you can’t continue.

With the objective defined, you can now proceed to the third step.

Remember: “A dream is a distant reality with no date to happen, while a goal is the sequence of steps you need to take towards achieving this goal with a date and time set to happen.”

3. Align study routine with goal

The third step you need to take to create your study plan is to align your routine with the defined goal.

To do this you will need to write down the times you will study and fill them in with the exam subjects, course modules or exercises and previous exams you will need to study.

With this alignment, you will have your study plan practically completed.

The extra tip here is that you start the week with the subject that has the most difficulty, this will ensure that when you arrive on Friday you don’t relax in the subject or module that feels more challenged.


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