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It is in the Sales Panel that you can write descriptions, do market analysis and optimize ad performance, among other possibilities.

If you want to sell or are already selling a property with Loft, you need to know better our Sales Panel, which offers relevant and strategic information for owners. Learn more in this post!

How the Loft Sales Panel works

The Sales Panel is an exclusive area for owners who are selling their apartments in the Loft. This is where you can follow the sales process from beginning to end, from registration to signing the deed. Among the possibilities are:

manage your ad
Manage and verify your visit history
Update your availability
Conduct comparative market analysis
Track your documentation

On this page, Loft shares its expertise in data analysis with sellers, indicating, for example, the most sought after visiting hours in that specific neighborhood, attracting a greater number of potential buyers.

Sample Sales Dashboard Home Page

It is also the page that the seller uses to “sell their fish”: they can improve the property’s sale description there, update information (such as a new common area in the building or a new condominium price) and change the property’s sale price .

Tracking the performance of your property at Loft

Everything is designed to make navigation more fluid and simple for the seller, who can use their own ad data to optimize it. On the Overview tab, for example, there are data like:

Number of people who visited the property page
How many started the scheduling process
How many visits were made
How many proposals were received
Graph with historical views since the ad went live

This data can all be used both alone (what was the peak period of views, for example? What happened at that time?) and against other similar properties in the same region.

In the Market Analysis tab, Loft shows similar apartments in terms of size and location and shares data such as difference in price, number of views and visits for each ad.

In the Market Analysis tab of the Sales Panel, you can compare your property with others on the market

Thus, it is possible to compare the performance of similar offers and see what is attractive about a property that is on the rise – it could be a more refined description, a lower price or visits on Saturdays, among other possibilities.

7 steps to register your apartment at Loft

The registration to sell your apartment with the Loft is done online. There are 7 steps until the ad goes live:

Click on the “Sell” tab on the Loft website’s main menu;
Fill out a simple questionnaire about your property;
Evaluate the initial pricing suggested by Loft and learn about the platform’s differentials;
Fill in information about property and condominium (length, property tax, number of bedrooms, presence of common areas, etc.) and upload the first photos (remember that they are temporary: Loft offers the services of a professional photographer for free );
Check out the new suggested price range for the property, already taking into account the characteristics of the apartment and the building;
Complete the registration and wait for contact from the Loft team;
Ready! With the team’s OK, you already have access to the Sales Panel.

Do you want to know this step by step better? Just click here!

Tips for making a good property listing

Loft created its individual apartments for sale pages already thinking about what buyers want, such as transparent and up-to-date information, easy access to property tax and condominium costs, and real estate financing simulations.

In addition, Loft provides professional photographers to make images more attractive. Good photos are essential for a good advertisement, and should be taken into account even when temporary photos taken by the owners are on air.

The owner who sells his property at the Loft still has some very important tasks, such as writing a great description of the property, making its differentials and highlights of the plan clear.

The Loft offers, within the Sales Panel itself, some precious tips for a good description, but it’s worth bringing your own insights about which parts are worth highlighting, like that great view from the living room window.

Another essential tip: review the description to avoid mistakes in Portuguese. If the seller doesn’t notice, the buyer probably will.

Have questions? Loft is here to help

Loft is always available to answer any questions for sellers. Visit the Loft Help Center or contact us!


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