Brazil is one of the countries with the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world and if you believe that this large percentage is related to an immense desire to have their own business, in fact, the relationship is proportional to the scarcity of vacancies in the labor market.

But it is not enough just to have a dream and work hard to make it happen, hoping for positive results: it is necessary to carry out efficient business financial planning, which really makes your business grow.

And if you believe that it is something complicated to be done, you can be sure that with focus, discipline and attention, it is possible for you to do this planning yourself.

See in this article tips that will really make a difference in your financial result!

What is financial planning for the Digital Entrepreneur

First of all, it is important for you to know what financial planning is. It is no longer part of the business plan in an organization.

Through this document it will be possible to point out the guidelines that can be transformed into something tangible and profitable.

The planning will also establish which control tools are necessary to ensure a healthy cash flow, without forgetting to meet the proposed goals in the short, medium and long term.

How important is it to your Online Business

Financial planning, in addition to, as mentioned above, being important to maintain the health of your company’s cash and the achievement of goals, it will help to clearly monitor the movement of how much money you earn compared to the expenses necessary for the operation of the business.

The ease of knowing where your investments are going makes it more accessible to do a business valuation.

How to do Financial Planning

To do your company’s financial planning, you will need to follow these steps:

Understand how your organization’s costs work;
Establish what the company’s goals are;
Document income and expenses;
Need to make investments? Always research and compare before making a decision;
Don’t forget to cut costs;
Really know where your company will be inserted in the market;
And learn how to make money work.

At this stage, it is important to know the company’s current scenario: raising balances for all accounts, expenses and possible inflows of resources. Having all this data in hand, you will be able to analyze the real situation of your digital business.

For example, one of the parts to be understood is the identification of a problem that needs intervention. If there is any debt, it will be mandatory to make a survey of creditors and their respective values.

In that case, it will help to develop a more effective strategy to clear those debts and start a new profitable phase.

Cost mapping

First of all, in order to map costs, it is extremely important to know how to differentiate the concepts of costs and expenses, in addition to understanding what is fixed and variable expenses:

Cost: everything related to the acquisition or production of goods and provision of services. In this case, they are spent on raw material, equipment, labor, among others;
Expense: means the expense with the company’s administration, encompassing the finance and marketing sectors, among others;
Fixed cost: do not vary according to the volume produced, such as internet, commercial rent, if any, communication, etc;
Variable cost: is directly related to the volumes produced. In this case, we can mention paid traffic and extra expenses with freelancer services, for example.

Once you understand all the above meanings, follow this step by step for your cost mapping:

Organize a spreadsheet or purchase management software;
Make a list with all fixed and variable costs, not forgetting to separate them by category;
Collect all expenses and then distribute to all products;
Don’t forget to mention the expenses related to the depreciation of machinery;
Compare working capital with return on investment to try to understand if all expenses are in line;
Regardless of the answer above, consider whether improvements are needed to maximize profit or avoid debt.
Goal setting

This topic has a lot of relevance since without setting goals, it will be very difficult to know where you intend to go. But how do you set your financial goals and reach them?

The focal point is that the goals serve as a guide, that is, they will help as a guide when making decisions regarding financial orders: how much the company needs to save to reach a goal or which investments to choose to maximize earnings.


The budget is nothing more than translating strategic planning into numbers. So there are no surprises, your company’s budget plan needs to be detailed and with goals divided by months.


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