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What is it, How To [Complete Guide]

If you want to organize your studies to be able to continue a course you are taking or if you need to learn a...

How does issuing, signing and registering contracts with Loft Cred work

Reading time: 5 minutes One of the most awaited hours of a mortgage is it: signing the contract with the bank. This means that the...

Financial Planning for Digital Entrepreneurs

Brazil is one of the countries with the highest number of entrepreneurs in the world and if you believe that this large percentage is...

What is + Types and Examples

Do you know what advertising is, what it is for and how it works? In this article, you will be able to check all this...

How does the eviction order work and what does the law say?

Reading time: 5 minutes The eviction order has its reasons set out in the Tenancy Law. Understand when, how and why owners can order it. The...

Understand if it is possible to pledge financed property

Reading time: 6 minutes You may have heard of property lien in the news, possibly mentioned in the midst of corruption cases that are gaining...
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