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How does issuing, signing and registering contracts with Loft Cred work

Reading time: 5 minutes One of the most awaited hours of a mortgage is it: signing the contract with the bank. This means that the...

See how the inspection for property financing works

Reading time: 5 minutes Every buyer does, in some way, an appraisal of the apartment in which they are interested. This is how you check...

Understand how the legal analysis of real estate financing works

Reading time: 6 minutes Legal analysis is a fundamental step in real estate financing. In it, the bank scans the documents presented by the parties...

How to submit documents for credit analysis by Loft Cred?

Tempo de leitura: 6 minutos Durante um financiamento de imóvel, vários documentos são requisitados pelo banco, e é dever do comprador providenciar todos eles....

Ask your questions about mortgage credit analysis

Reading time: 6 minutes Home credit analysis is the first step to finally being able to buy your new home. It is the step in...

What is it, How To [Complete Guide]

If you want to organize your studies to be able to continue a course you are taking or if you need to learn a...

How does the eviction order work and what does the law say?

Reading time: 5 minutes The eviction order has its reasons set out in the Tenancy Law. Understand when, how and why owners can order it. The...

Find out what the difference is between loan and financing

Reading time: 6 minutes Loan and financing: is there a difference between them? Many people treat these two terms as synonyms, as if both were...

What is it and How to Make It Easy (2021)

Did you know Instagram Stories can drive your business results? If you're not using this Instagram feature in your marketing strategy yet, you're missing out...

How to use real estate market information to sell your property?

Reading time: 5 minutes Learn how mortgage rates, average sales prices, and real estate registrations can help you get a good deal. Selling property is a...
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